This time I interview a talented fashion designer from Hungary. His name is Ferenc Csabay, he’s 32 years old and he is from Budapest. He studied at the Corvin Art School and then at Krea Art College.
With his creations he tooks part in many contest and fashion shows like the ones in Wien, Chicago, Toronto and Liepzig and also the Sziget Festival (2004-2005-2006).
With his works he had appearances on magazines like About20, Imago, Glamour and Vogue. He has always worked on his own projects and now he work at his CSF company.

-Who are your favourite fashion designers and brands, and why?
As a women’s wear designer my favorite designers are Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo. I love the way how the japanese designers are handling the shapes. For myself it’s hard to find good man’s wear designer clothes to buy so if I really can’t find anything I rather make something for myself. Maybe soon it would be worth to launch a own CSF man’s wear line.

-How and when did your passion for fashion start?
It happened when the first fashion labels appeared in Hungary around 1991.
I thought I like this way of the clothing and because I got tailor profession, I started to make some own creations. I found that very exiting so then I started my fashion studies.

-What do you create?
I make small series collections for my target audience: young women who like to dress up elegantly yet but still like to show courage. I would like to make women to feel more confident when they are wearing my clothes.
I also used to make handbags as accessories but this is not seasonal for me. When I’ll have enough inspiration to make a CSF handbag collection then I’ll make one.


-What is your creations style? How could you describe your collections?
“Exciting elegance”, that is the motto of my new collection.

-How do your creations come into existence? Which are your inspirations?
Inspiration can come from everywhere. I can’t work beside drawing tables. I ‘m just making a lot of sketches during my days and if I feel it is time for a new collection I collect every napkin, bill and other piece of papers and I pull them together as a collection. I love so much this part of the design process. If I feel the collection sketches are ready then I start to work them out with my assistant and my pattern maker. The idea is the most important. I always try to put an interesting part even in the most simple pieces.

-Are your creations on sale? How?
The CSF company is quite young. I established it with my business partner Attila Kovacs only one year ago. Up to now, we can show up a store in Singapure (Epitome) and one in Budapest (Oltozo) as our label’s stockists. Right now we are working on to open our own showroom in Budapest and to start our online shop too, but we are always opened to make new business connections with boutiques and showrooms. We are looking to the future very confidently.

-Do you create unique creations or in series?
I’m representing collections and sometimes unique creations for style photoshootings to make promotional materials.

-Do you work also on contract?
Sometimes, but that’s not typical. If I have time beside the collections I use to work on special ideas.


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search him also on Facebook: CSF
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