Imagine the atmosphere: a sunny day, clear sea and a sailboat ready to weigh anchor.
This summer the navy style returns in fashion; luxury stripes will decorate clothes and accessories in a perfect Côte d’Azur style.
It has its origin during the Twenties: a fast train called Train Bleu connected Calais to Nizza and Cannes, so that the most chic parisians could reach the wonderful beaches. From it, the navy style was born; it is inspired to French Riviera and many times during the years it is reproposed on the catwalks.
This particolar style has precise rules, specially in the colors choice: white, black, blue and red, with just some modifications in the shades derived from these as light blue or grey. Then a huge use of horizontal stripes, necklines and printed pictures in nautical style, as anchors and starfishes.
As items, this trend purpose jackets, white or blue trousers and gold brown details as buttons and buckles. Then also scarves, bikinis, mini-dresses and bags with blue-white-red stripes and jewels with nautical charms.
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