Today I interview a young designer born and grown up in Milan: Chiara Grassi. She is 29 years old and she studied Industrial Design at Politecnico in Milan. Since some years she works as head designer for Pharmacy Industry.
In 2007 she created her own fashion brand Cherie’s Flakes: she creates very particular and full of colours handmade beachwear.
-Which are your favourite brands?
-I love the romantic shape of Sessun brand; then Paul&Joe, Rodebjer and Acne for their nordic style. But also the street style of Insight and pop style in Jeremy Scott.

-How and when did your passion for fashion and design start?
-I love creativity since I was very young; sometimes it becomes design creations or fashion or graphic design.

-What do you create?
-In Cherie’s Flakes I create beachwear, specially bikini. They are all unique creations. As materials, I use lycra, elasticated cotton and viscosa; than also lace, tulle, pom pons nad flowers. They are completely handmade.

-Which is your creations style? How do you describe your collections?
-Cherie’s Flakes style is very funny, colorful, easy and feminine: a real colour explosion for summer, sometimes a little bit hippie, some other times sexy. Really girly.
-How do your creations come into existence? Which are your inspirations?
-Cherie’s Flakes come into existence from my purpose to create someting completely handmade, choosiin every time different mix of colours and details. From a very simple process, but that bring me to create a final very original object. My inspiration come from the simple love for beautiful things to use.

-Are your creations on sale? How?
-I sell Cherie’s Flakes creations specially thought Cherie’s Tree House, a small market that I organize two times a year and in which I invite to expose other small brand like mine. I sell also in some shops, as WOK in Milan and Bolondon in Bologna. This ss09 I’ve created a limited edition for Wok store: special beach wear with a wonderful necklace made with lycra.

-Do you work also on contract?
Yes, is possible for costumers to choose shapes and textiles in order toh ave a limited edition for their store.


To contact her:
e-mail: cherie@cheriesflakes.com
web site: www.cheriesflakes.com
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