Today I interview a very particolar fashion designer. She is Berber Soepboer: 25 years old, born in Island and now living in Amsterdam.
She has studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academy and then she has started to create collections of very suitable, confortable and changeable clothes, which can be worn in different ways, so that the owner can make choices in how to wear them.
The philosophy of her changeable clothes is: life exists of many choices based on expectations, desire and the available time; when everything is still possible the world seems an incredible place. She translate these endless possibilities in her design.
In these days she has an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch.

– Which are your favourite fashion designer and why?
– I love Maison Martin Margiela and Hussein Chalayan for their concepts in combination with the design. But I mostly wear clothes by the dutch brand Cora Kemperman. These are simple designs a little special with great color and not too expensive.

– How and when did your passion for fashion start?
– I was always fascinated by the way people dress. And how they express theirselves, or absolutely not, in the way they dress.

– What do you create? And whitch materials do you use?
– I start with my concept and then I create whatever is most suitable to the concept. Up till now its mostly clothes, dresses and some beachwear. Maybe in the future I will make menswear, jewels and accessories. The material in which I work also depends on the concept and what I want to create, it could be anything if it is what I want. Untill now I created new fabrics to do things that can change the appearance of the piece.


– Which is your creations style? How do you describe your collections?

The one thing that makes a design special for me is the possibilities it gives to the wearer. I want to give the wearer a choice in how they want to wear a piece of clothing. You could describe my collections as Doable, multiple clothing, changeable.

– How do your creations come into existence? Which are your inspirations?
– I ususally want to make changeable clothing, so that would be the goal in the end. Then it depends on the circumstances what the design will become, is there a subject or a theme or anything that could relate to the design. My inspirations are things that happen around me, in my life or in the world. It could be anything as long a sit interests me.

– Are your creations on sale? How?
– Since last week one dress is for sale because of the many requests. On internet on my website: www.berbersoepboer.nl. You can order by sending me an email: check the news section on my website for specifics.


– Do you create unique creations or in series?
– Up to now I only created unique pieces, but when I am going to produce something it won’t be unique anymore untill the point people finished the design to what they like most. But it will never become a massive production. I want to keep the series limited.

– Do you work also on contract?
– If the assignment is challenging and it pays well, then I will deffinetly work on contract. Also I would love it to design clothes especially for people I admire.

To contact her:
e-mail: berbersoepboer@gmail.com
web site: www.berbersoepboer.nl, to see all the changes of her clothes.

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