As it’s spring time, today I interview Laura Vedani, a 27 years old designer from Varese (Italy) that creates jewelry with real flowers. After the art school (course of study on graphics) she has studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.
She is the designer of her own brand Margot, born in 2007: she creates jewels such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets but also bags. Every collection has as protagonist a different kind of flower: violets or daisies for examples.
-Which are your favourite brands?
-I love Stella McCartney and Nina Ricci style. But also I like also the brilliance of Sandra Backlund and design by Philip Treacy. But if I find some clothes with a style close to mine
I buy no matter the brand. I love also vintage style.

-How and when did your passion for fashion and design start?
-When I was a child my mother always used to dress me with beautiful clothes and I lived surrounded of gardens in old english style, old houses, my grandmother’s dresses and so on. I think that this has been important to develope my aesthetics sensitivity.

-What do you create?
-I create jewels with true flowers and resin, semi-precious stones, pearls, paste of glass. Every single object is hand made. In last season collection I introduced also some leather or fabric bags with true flowers details. In the future I’d like to create also other kind of accessories in order to create a Margot life-style.

-Which is your creations style? How do you describe your collections?
-My style is delicate, romantic, feminine and sometimes retrò. The fundamental concept is to return to the nature, to the originality and the value of hand-made.

-How do your creations come into existence? Which are your inspirations?
-Sometimes colours inspire me, some other time a color-matching: maybe colours of what remain in the dish when I finish to eat, or of beads that are casually near to others. If I like these matches I take a photo. The inspiration comes also from a particular style as Victorian period or the hippie “flower power” philosophy.

-Are your creations on sale? How?
-You can find my creations in some shops in Milan, as “Suite 123” and “Fiori nel tempo”. But I sell mainly in Japan, where people appreciate taste and quality of made in Italy creations.
Then two times a year I present my collections during special events.


To contact her:
e-mail: lauved@hotmail.com
sito web: www.la-margot.com
facebook: Margot

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